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The Trout Scout Life

Hello and welcome! My name is Shelen Scout Boyes and I have a passion that may be uncommon to most. I first picked up a fly rod in 2016 when I went on a weekend trip with the members of the Colorado State fly fishing club to catch Kokanee salmon. That introduction alone was all I needed to jumpstart the next four years of nonstop adventures and experiences revolving around the art of fly fishing.
I’ve created this blog to not only share photos but also as a place to write about my experiences, the amazing people I’ve met and places I’ve had the privilege of traveling to while continuing to grow as a person and an angler. Other various subjects to be shared within the site will consist of topics regarding conservation, fly patterns and rig selection, helpful tips and videos, informative articles, and whatever fly fishing related posts I enjoy and believe others would as well.
Finally, one of the main goals is to use this blog as a way to connect and communicate with people from around the world, feedback is very much encouraged so please feel free to send an email at any time with questions, remarks or topic suggestion for future posts! Let's see what’s out there.

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